Monday, February 28, 2011

A little about Flooding and stuff....

 Our Driving Range Field 2/28/2011
I want to illustrate a little quirk of our driving range field and our drainage situation here at Indian Lakes Resort.  The above picture illustrates that our driving range field is partially submerged as I write this.  Those of you who play Blackhawk Trace frequently have seen this many times before and I thought I'd take this chance to explain the water flow here a bit.  

 2008 aerial image of the driving range field from construction

Try and follow me here: 

1. The circles represent drain basins.  Water collects into these basins from the east and west.  
2.  The arrows represent the flow of the water.  It first goes into each drain basin terminating at a 4" 'dewatering' pump installed at great expense by Indian Lakes Resort to spare Bloomingdale our storm water.
3.  The arrows then point the water being forced from the pump to our irrigation pond where the island green sits.
4.  The arrow then points the water back to the east as the pond overflow drains into the Bloomingdale's storm water system.
5.  The straight lines represent a drain line (on the left) and a second 'dewatering' pump operated by Bloomingdale (on the right).

So, in essence, the driving range field is water storage for the Village of Bloomingdale.  I just wanted to fill you all in on this stuff.