Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Winter Time Golfers

Two of Blackhawk Trace's finest on a 40 Degree day

Yes, those are golfers.  Yes, that is a frozen pond.  I love their dedication.

I love you, man.  Come on back, bring friends!

It's always a good sign when the first golfers of the year come on out to play.  The signs are there that spring will be sprung, the ice will melt and the season will get underway.  

If you hit it correctly across the ice you can drive the green (375 from here)

It's not all good news, though.  Snow mold breakthrough!
If you can see my keys in there, that's for scale

This is the only area on 61 acres of greens, tees and fairways I've seen affected by snow mold so far.  If you notice it's in a pattern about 10 feet long and 20 feet wide and the surrounding, unaffected areas are in a straight line.  This happens when pesticide applicators refill the tank and forget to charge their sprayer lines with fungicide before returning to the field.  I blame myself....