Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snow.....It SNOWED again!

Well, it snowed again.  That's right, we got 'trace' amounts of snow yesterday and I thought I would share a few pictures for you.

This car had become covered outside the Dunkin Donuts on Lake Street
This is the first tee on Highland at approximately 6 a.m.
  That is one sad looking flower 
We were able to make a little headway on things last week before the snow/rain on Saturday and what turned out to be a reasonably nice day on Sunday.  The shed that houses the Driving Range equipment and ball dispenser was in need of some attention.  
 The access door had eroded away a great deal
 The pavers aren't needed for the window anymore as the ball dispenser is now used
 The ball dispenser grass needed some help
 The golf staff needed a path to get back to the ball dispenser access panel
 We re-sodded the front area.  We will add pavers when a wear pattern presents itself
 We removed the pavers, raised the irrigation and power trenches and built a path
 A better view of the path to the access panel
 As the golfer traffic begins to show a pattern we will add pavers or some other method to handle the traffic instead of constantly re-sodding the area.  Cesar, Cornelio and Chily did a great job helping with this work.
How NOT to build bunkers: Part I
Remember this?  This turned out to be part I in a series of how NOT to do stuff.
This picture shows another poor option for bunker construction
It is a good rule of thumb to not build bunkers on top of  old irrigation
In this situation a bunker was built on top of old irrigation.  At the very least the old pipe should have been removed and capped outside the bunker.  It is my guess that this pipe had been heaving out for the last seven or so years and it had finally had enough and erupted through the bunker.  We will excavate this pipe outside the hazard and cap it so it won't be a problem going forward.  A little sand touch up and we'll be done.

We will continue (and hopefully finish) patching our sidewalks in the coming week or so if we can get the weather to do so.  
 Feliciano and Javier have been busy patching our sidewalks from winter damage
 As the patches dry they match nicely.  Good work, gentlemen
 That about does it for now.  We will look forward to better weather as it can't get much worse (cross your fingers) than it is today.  On the calendar is vertical mowing, aerification and sand topdressing next week.  For those of you at home now is the time to apply preventive grassy weed (crabgrass, goosegrass, etc) control.  If you have questions on products or application methods please let me know.   Thanks and have a great week!

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