Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"By all these lovely tokens September days are here With summer's best of weather And autumn's best of cheer." - Author Unkown

Autumn arrived on the 23rd of this month and I have to say the weather until this past weekend has been great.  The golf course remained dry, the greens rolled well and our rounds played were terrific (almost 5,000) for the month.  Much of this has come to a screeching halt over the last few days as cool, wet, dreary weather has parked over much of the Midwest since the weekend.  From Saturday afternoon to the time of this writing we have logged about 3" of rain.  Fun stuff.

Manuel Munoz clearing Master's Patio this morning
I am asked frequently, and rightly so, about exactly what it is we do during rain events?  The answer to that question is this: "That depends".  On Monday the rain was too severe and the golf course was too wet to do much of anything.  The grounds crew went home shortly after our morning meeting.  Today is a different story.  The rain is not as hard and we have a window of opportunity to perform many tasks that we normally don't have the time to do quickly because of the low volume of play.

Nicacio is shown here string trimming around the pond on #6 Woodland
Indian Lakes resort encompasses approximately 275 acres.  13 of those acres are bodies of water.  We do not string trim around ALL 13 acres but where these ponds come in to play we try and trim around them as much as possible.  This is a time consuming, labor intensive task but it is much easier to do on a day like today when Nicacio doesn't have to change cups, mow tees and collars or help manage the golf course during heavy play.  We have to "steal" work opportunities when and where we can.

Dennis is having a nice time moving tee markers in the rain
You might ask why we would change tee markers in the rain when we won't have much in the way of golfers today.  That is a fair question.  The answer is this: we didn't take the trash out from golfer traffic on Sunday, nor have we moved the tee markers since then either.  Further, we use days like this when there is going to be low golfer traffic to catch up on filling divots.  Finally, not moving the tee markers for more than a couple of days can cause the grass underneath those markers to die from "light exclusion".  That's a fancy term meaning the grass underneath those markers don't get no light.  SO we have to get the trash picked up and we have to fill the divots anyway so, while we're at it, let's move the markers too so we don't have dead grass in the perfect shape of a tee marker on our teeing grounds.  How's that sound?

Angel, Anthony, Chily, Manuel C. and Jr. shown here detailing a bunker
This too requires a lot of time and energy to keep the bunkers throughout the golf course trimmed, detailed and looking good for our golfers.  Blackhawk Trace has 112 bunkers, after all, and they all need varying degrees of maintenance depending on their age, construction quality and location.  The grounds crew can be much more efficient and move much more quickly through bunkers on a "rain day" than when they'd be getting bombed at by golfers all day.  We are able to assign more crew members to this task as well when mowing and course set up aren't chewing up the large amount of people it normally does.

Feliciano and Santiago are hiding behind that garbage can
We are also tasked with managing the interior plant care of the hotel and BOY is that a favorite job assignment on rain days, cold days, hot days or some other day that is less than ideal to be outside.  Feliciano, Santiago, Jose M. and Felipe do the bulk of the work inside and the Atrium has looked very good so far this year.
A gaggle of grounds crew men together before the morning meeting
If you look at the circle you'll see this picture was taken a little before 5 a.m.  This was taken a couple weeks ago because we recently moved to 5:30 a.m. for a start time but the point is the grounds crew is a hard working group of people.  They arrive early, work outside in ALL weather all day and then many of them move on to second jobs here in the area so they can provide for their families.  They deserve the credit for our department's successes.  I am forever indebted to them for their work ethic and wide array of talents.  If you see these gentlemen in the cafeteria give them a pat on the back and say "muchas gracias" because even if you hadn't see them work that day, they have already earned that praise.
 Canada goose damage on 2 Island green last Friday
Skunk damage 2 Island Fairway also last Friday
This is a good time of year to remind everyone why it's not a good thing to have Canada geese and why they shouldn't be a protected species.  Further, it's a good idea to spray preventively for white grubs in Chicago.  Canada geese are either resident or migratory and both of them eat grass and poop all over the place.  The dog does a decent job of keeping them away but only a shotgun is 100% effective and that is WILDLY illegal so we live with and repair this type of damage.  Here's a picture of the dog in case you forgot what he looks like:
  This is a pic of the dog sniffing geese out on the roof of the hotel
Skunks dig for and eat white grubs as they surface this time of year.  We treat greens and tees preventively for these critters:

A white grub at the surface
We don't treat fairways preventively, or more accurately, we didn't treat ALL our fairways preventively so we are seeing the damage scavenging for these buggers creates.  As we see damage we spray an insecticide curatively that makes the bugs die and skunks not want to hunt for them.   You might have treated your lawn at home with GrubX or something but if you haven't look for "Dylox" somewhere at the hardware store and it will begin to solve your problem.

 Molly and I at Garfield Park Conservatory (again)
Tina and Tom lounging and watching "Wall E" at Grandma's house
I don't like to put pictures of myself on here because, well, I'm not that easy on the eyes.  I liked the pic of Molly and I so much though I felt compelled to share it.  She's a fun, happy little girl and I am glad she smiles my way when I come home everyday.  Tina and Tom looked so cozy and comfy and warm here it made me giggle a little bit about how lucky we are to have my parents so close and just how lucky we are in general.  I hope you enjoyed reading if you made it this far and we will look forward to some drier weather.


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